Show server stats and details.




The stats array will contain information about the server.

  • aof_size: The size in bytes of the aof on disk.
  • avg_item_size: An estimated size in bytes of each object.
  • caught_up: When in follow mode, this indicates if the server has the same data as the leader.
  • following: When in follow mode, this is the address of the leader.
  • heap_size: The actual amount of memory in bytes that the server is using.
  • id: A unique identifier for the server. This is auto-generated once when the server first starts up.
  • in_memory_size: The estimated memory size in bytes that the key is using.
  • num_collections: The key count.
  • num_objects: The object count.
  • num_points: The total number of latitude, longitude coordinates in the key. This will always be equal to or greater than num_objects.
  • pointer_size: The size in bytes of an underlying pointer. May be used to provide a hint if the server is in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.
  • read_only: Is true when the server is in readonly mode.

{ «ok»:true, «stats»:{ «aof_size»:38, «avg_item_size»:264488, «caught_up»:true», «following»:»localhost:9851″, «heap_size»:264488, «id»:»968d0db485fb2e33911a4d172ae47954″, «in_memory_size»:90, «num_collections»:1, «num_objects»:1, «num_points»:1, «pointer_size»:8, «read_only»:false }, «elapsed»:»190.941µs» }