Creates a Pub/Sub channel which points to a geofenced search. If a channel is already associated to that name, it’ll be overwritten. Once the channel is created a client can then listen for events on that channel with SUBSCRIBE or PSUBSCRIBE.


Set a simple channel.

$ SETCHAN warehouse NEARBY fleet FENCE POINT 33.5123 -112.2693 500

In this example we created a channel named warehouse that watches for changes to objects in the fleet collection. When a change occurs the channel warehouse is notified with a detailed message. The message contains a member named 'detect' which has one of the following values:

  • inside is when an object is inside the specified area.
  • outside is when an object is outside the specified area.
  • enter is when an object that was not previously in the fence has entered the area.
  • exit is when an object that was previously in the fence has exited the area.
  • cross is when an object that was not previously in the fence has entered and exited the area.

For more information on the format of this message please see the topic on Geofencing.

NEARBY, INTERSECTS, and WITHIN are supported search types. The FENCE keyword must be present.