Return stats for one or more keys.


$ STATS fleet1 fleet2 # return key stats for ‘fleet’ and ‘fleet2’


The stats array will contain one entry for each key requested. If the key is not found then the entry will be null.

  • in_memory_size: The estimated memory size in bytes that the key is using.
  • num_objects: The object count.
  • num_points: The total number of latitude, longitude coordinates in the key. This will always be equal to or greater than num_objects.

{ «ok»: true, «stats»: [{ «in_memory_size»: 4823028, «num_objects»: 26343, «num_points»: 350929, },{ «in_memory_size»: 36552218, «num_objects»: 162341, «num_points»: 1029938 }], «elapsed»: «27.677µs» }